Clark Covington is one of the best-known gossip columnists presently working and writing in Louisville, Kentucky. Born and raised here, he is a deeply devoted native son of the city. After graduating from Dupont Manual High School, he went to college at the University of Louisville, where he was an All-American in cross-country running. He was also the editor of the campus newspaper, and the vice president of the student body. After graduating from the University of Louisville, he got a job as a reporter at the Louisville Courier-Journal. He worked as a reporter for almost ten years, from 1978 to 1988, and then he stepped into the position of gossip columnist for the newspaper. He held that position for almost twenty-five years. And then five years ago, as the circulation of the Louisville Courier-Journal was dropping precipitately, he went out on his on as an internet blogger. Today he is a major force on the internet, and one of the most successful bloggers in all of Kentucky. If you would like to get in touch with him, we invite you to fill out the Contact form that you will find on this site.