Regular readers of this blog know how enamored I am with Westminster Security Cameras LLC. While they operate out of Denver, Colorado, their monitoring services serve several states including my own, Kentucky.

So . . . when I heard a very strong “Knock, knock, knock!” on the door of my condo and peered out the little viewer to see a group of uniformed policemen (and policewomen,) I was both shocked but happy that my Westminster Security Cameras LLC was operating to both monitor and record the activity.

As it would turn out, my Westminster Security Cameras LLC gear was exactly why the police were knocking on my door.

The police informed me that some low-life had been
canvassing the neighborhood and stealing valuables
out of any unlocked cars they could find.

This could be a very bad thing because in addition to stealing small change, a cell phone or two and a laptop, the thief also nabbed a military grade M-17 9mm semi-automatic pistol from one of the cars that had been robbed.

This meant that the thief was now armed and could represent a great danger in the neighborhood.

The fact that my property has a robust security system had not escaped the eagle eyes of the local Louisville constabulary so when the crime spree traveled into my street, they kindly asked me if I could provide them with footage from my security system.

One of the great things about Westminster Security Cameras LL Carrangement is that it is a totally hassle-free situation where they monitor everything happening around my house 24 hours a day.

When the police sought to review my
footage, I merely had to provide them with the
Westminster Security Cameras LLC website

And the good folks at Westminster Security Cameras LLC took care of all that light work for me!

Sure enough, after the police reviewed the footage, they discovered a 15 year old punk wearing a hoody, riding a bicycle and passing by my house just moments after a car robbery had taken place on the next street over.

This young man, his mind addled with drugs was the perpetrator of all this debauchery in my neighborhood.

After the police got a good description of him as a direct result of reviewing the footage from my Westminster Security Cameras LLC security system and the good people at Westminster Security Cameras LLC providing the files to the police, the local cops knew specifically who to look for and they picked him off on the street and found him with some of the stolen goods on his person.

If you want to get the best and most professional security system available whether your in Denver or any other place, you owe it to yourself to check out WestminsterSecurity Cameras LLC who are the ultimate in that business.