Another Great Company In My Backyard

Those who have followed my writing and blogging over the years know that whenever I see an excellent company or service, I like to give them a shout-out! This week it’s going to be for Lakewood Lawn Care Services ( ) and yes, there’s a story behind it.

A Transformation Was Taking Place

While I’m known for hanging out in Louisville, I always find time to schlep over to my older sister’s house on weekends to visit with the family.

That would be my sister Cindy, her husband Hal and their two children Wendy and Riley.

I couldn’t help but start noticing how spectacular the yard was looking. It was seemingly getting better and better each week I visited. “What’s up with your lawn and garden? Did you get a new lawn mower or something?” I asked her.

“Actually, I got a better computer.” she responded enigmatically.

 “What?” I didn’t understand how a computer could be taking such good care of the yard.

“I hunted around on the computer and that’s how I discovered this website: Here, let me show you!” she said and stepped over to the laptop.

Sure enough, she typed and up came a pretty cool site that explained what the company does but my sister really gave me the skinny. I had been seeing dramatic improvement in the appearance of the lawn week after week and couldn’t figure out what was happening.

When you engage the good services you find at you get more than a landscaping company. You get a small army of specialists with green thumbs that know how to turn your property into something that will rival the finest golf course!

Attacking and Fixing Issues

Before the transformation, my sister had an improper irrigation plan for the backyard. It wasn’t timed right. Water pooled at one end and didn’t even get to other areas. It was a mess.

Lakewood Lawn Care Services took half a day and got that all fixed up with the addition of a few extra sprinkler heads and the slight relocation of a couple of others. By the time they had reengineered the irrigation, the results of the soil analysis came back from their in-house tests.

We were deficient in Magnesium, who’d of thunk it? It also seemed that at the core of my sister’s lawn was the species Kentucky Bluegrass.

The care and maintenance of grass is in part tailored to fit the species of the lawn. They discovered the presence of grubs and chinch bugs. Fortunately, it was just the right time of year to eradicate them with a minimal use of control agents.

There were some weeds present, mostly on the periphery of the property. The vitality of the lawn was now going to be directly affected from the improved watering schedule, the soil additives and one other thing.

The lawn gets accustomed to being cut with a certain rhythm and to a certain height. Inspecting the lawn regularly and developing those good cutting practices can go a long way towards achieving a beautiful, lush and thriving lawn and garden.

It all started happening thanks to my sister having found

“Can you afford a full-service lawn care maintenance company?”

 That’s pretty much what I asked my sister.

“I almost can’t afford NOT to have them!” she said. “It got so that we were having to take the old riding mower into Louisville every other week to get something fixed. One week the belt would fall off. Another week the battery would die. Sometimes the engine wouldn’t start. That lawn mower was nickel and diming us to death and it wasn’t nickels and dimes, either. Those bills would never be less than a couple of hundred dollars each time.”

I remembered some of those repairs they had to make and it always required connecting the yard trailer to the car and all that hassle to transport the mower into town.

“To tell you the truth, I never liked having to hear that lawn mower and the disruption it would make for two hours every week. I don’t think the kids were too keen on it either.” she exclaimed. “At, they come out when you’re not even home with a small army of men that get the job done in under an hour.

 By the time I get back home from spinning class, the work is all done and the place looks amazing! In the long run, it’s costing us less money to use the service.”

A Job Well Done

So there you have it folks. If you’re like my sister and you want to end the drudgery of property maintenance and really step-up the appearance of your lawn and garden, you need only visit one place: because they will surely provide you with great help.

When you visit you’ll be able to arrange a consultation with them and get all the info including how to get your yard evaluated. Don’t forget, whether it’s Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, there is always some lawn preparation that your property can benefit from.

Let the experts at get you on the right course!